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Alignment signs as Indie Distributor
2016-01-14 19:59

Beijing, China (Feb.1, 2015) ---  Alignment signs as Indie Distributor in China. Indie is a fast-growing company specializes in custom, microcontroller-based chips which integrate functions for sensing, processing, controlling and communicating, all into a single device.

Indie is shipping millions of chips each year into applications ranging from automotive and medical to industrial and consumer. Some of the customers want fully-optimized chips which Indie designs or modifies to perfectly suit their requirements. Others decide to use the highly integrated standard products Indie now has available.

Indie designs and manufactures customized integrated circuits. Based on the extensive proprietary library of pre-approved analog and digital subsystems, indie will specify, design and manufacture a device that is a perfect fit for your application. The indie semiconductor library coupled with in-house top-level assembly techniques, allows customized devices to be generated in a short time, thus allowing a low design cost. This in turn enables indie to offer devices for projects with volumes which could otherwise only be served by standard, off-the-shelf, low-integration catalogue products. 


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