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Product Category
Semiconductor system solutions for wireless and other network communications products Wi-Fi Moudle High-performance analog and mixed-signal power management semiconductors High-frequency Signal Switches, Packet Switches, Bridges, Re-Driver, Clock Generators/Buffers, Crystals and Oscillators Timing Products of Oscillators MEMS-based silicon solution End-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage  Electrical Products NAND flash Microcontroller-based chips in custom which integrate functions for sensing, processing, controlling and communicating all into a single device GPS Disciplined References Timing IC for line card High Precision Crystals
Manufacturer Type Part Number Description
Pericom IC PI7C9X2G304SL PCIe packet switch
Pericom IC PI7C20508GP PCIe packet switch
Pericom IC PI7C20505GP PCIe packet switch
Pericom IC PI7C9X442SLBFDE PCIe to USB bridge
Pericom IC PI7C9X111SLBFDE PCIe to PCI bridge
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